Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Days on Oak Drive

These photos are not in order, because I still do not know what I am doing in blogland. It seems you have to load them backwards to make them post in order??
(calling for help from you professional bloggers)
Went to get a load of pinestraw from and got hooked up with these beauties...Thanks JD!
Our sweet babiest K visited us on Saturday and it filled Will's heart with joy!

Papa came over for a chili dog, cold beverage and we put him on lifeguard duty!

Tiny D was going to sit in the recliner to watch a few cartoons with sister, but she was obviously too worn out!

Having our snack while we dip.

Uh oh...our lifeguard is off-duty!

She's a little Sunday morning snuggle bunny!



The weekend was filled with friends, family, splash party, grillin' out, margaritas, swimming, boiled peanuts, yardwork, fish fry, church on Sunday, naps and finally a good rain!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Got a feeling our week is going to be a little on the rough side...more to come on that!


  1. Cute Cute! You can copy and paste the text for the pics in your html to move them where you want them to go. That way you don't have to upload them in backwards order. Call me if you need help.

  2. I'm finally an official follower! Love your blog!