Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peanut Parade 2011

Will was out of town, so I loaded up the girls and their wagon and we were parade bound.  I kept last years parade in the back of my mind and wasn't feeling too confident; however, we discussed sirens and clowns in advance.
We wheeled up on the wagon and found the perfect spot. We were front row and the parade started at 9:30 and we were parked on our grassy knoll by 10.
My goal was for us to make it to float number 99, so we could see our sweet Sue Ellen. We made it!
Sue Ellen looked so precious and the girls thought it was the coolest thing ever to see her on a float. They were giving pageant waves right back to all the queens.

We lasted until the very end.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and a total success! (and that includes no good pics, flat tire on the wagon and wasp sting on Dantzler's cheek)

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