Monday, November 7, 2011

Betes Month

This ad has a lot of folks talking and commenting on D Blogs and online.  They brought it  hard core with their statement. Sounds like a Hello, FDA, do you hear me now, kinda ad.

I read a blog post about three months ago where a young girl died in her sleep from low blood sugar. I felt nauseated from head to toe that day. While we check Lydia like crazy, she can still turn on a dime. She cannot live without insulin, no one can. She makes zero. It is up to us to give her insulin for the carbs she eats. We have gotten it wrong too many times to count.   I wish there was a basic recipe for us to follow. There is not. We are not overprotective, we are just being smart because Lydia is our responsibility.

The ad above is bold. It caught my attention. 1 in 20 is a scary stat. 19 out of 20 sounds way better to me. Regardless, those of us dealing with diabetes daily know that it is serious business. It is not a part-time job.

We are counting on the FDA to get it right too, for Lydia and the millions of others with Type 1 Diabetes.

Until then.... our alarms are set and our glucagon pens are always ready.


  1. Super Scary!! Y'all do such an awesome job! Look how much you've learned in a year and how you've educated others. Proud of you!

  2. praying for advancements in this disease everyday!!! anything to make our lives easier :)

  3. I'll join you and Carrie in praying for advancements in this brutal disease.

    You are such strong parents for Lydia. I know you are just doing what you must do, but still... I admire you so.

  4. This gave me chills. I am so proud of you and in awe of your vigilance. In awe. I'm so proud of y'all! And wow-an artificial pancreas!? Amazing.