Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th- World Diabetes Day

This is the inside of one of Lydia's pods. We put insulin in this baby and depend on it to give her the programmed amounts. Scary to think about, for sure. Technology is so amazing even though I have a love/hate relationship with it.
and yes, that big ol' needle goes into her to put the cannula into her skin.

This little guy is inside every pod too. When I took one of her's apart, I found him. Cool, huh? The missing head/brain just might explain why we have so many of them to go wrong. Who knows?

Anyway, I couldn't let this day go by without posting something about betes. It has definitely rocked our world, but we are so thankful for insulin and technology.


  1. I will join you in being thankful.

    And if I lived closer to you, I would bring you some swazzle. :)

  2. That really is amazing. And that needle is scary big! Go Team Lydia! :)

  3. yes, so so thankful for pumps and insulin! couldn't live a second of my life without it!

  4. Gotta love the technology, while hating the disease. Is she using Ommni Pod? Do you also use a continuous glucose monitor? Apparently the Dexcom CGM is going to link with the Ommni Pod sometime in the hopefully near future!