Monday, August 8, 2011

Blue One!

You see this romper? Yeah, it's cute, but it is giving us fits around here because one little priss is wanting to wear it every. single. day. Actually, a few mornings this past week, she woke up shortly after six yelling, "Blue One"! Y'all, I cannot wash and dry it fast enough.
I'm pretty much over it and I've threatened that we are giving it to her friend, Reese. Which leads to her falling out in the floor, crying!

She looks sweet in it but it causes some really inappropriate behavior. I physically had to show her that it was in the washing machine and dryer numerous times to get her to calm down. This has gone too far!
I can't understand it. She got into big trouble before church because she didn't want to put this cute number on. "Blue One" wasn't an option.
She did great it her cute, church dress but I could tell at lunch that we were starting to get that Gangsta look. Sure thing, when we got home, "Blue One!" I'm just glad the knive was left at the restaurant. JOKING!

My point is, if you see us around town, I'm 99% sure she will be wearing the "Blue one"! Six out of seven days last week, she had on the romper. (not counting the nights she slept in it) As I type this, it is in the dryer because I promised her we would put it on after naptime. Someone please come get this faded number!


  1. I laughed when I saw the title for this post. I knew what was coming! I have some lovely items I will be happy to pass to you as replacements...

  2. Yelling Blue One! from her bed?! This might be the funniest thing I have read all week!

    Those blue + orange dresses are beautiful.