Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Day!

Neither looked too excited about school today, but this mama sure was.... I cannot believe Lydia started preschool today. She will go two days a week until lunchtime. Dantzler will go to Little Lambs (mothers morning out) on the same days. :) Look at her with that big girl, school bag!

Once we got there, they were all smiles and couldn't wait to go inside to meet new friends and see their teachers.
Lydia walked in and told her teacher, "Hi, my name is Lydia". It was so cute and big! And we were not late, even though it looks like we were last to arrive.
Dantz and I eased out of the preschool building, so I could take her to her class for Little Lambs. She sure thought she was big enough to stay for preschool too.
I'm not sure what is going on in this picture, but it cracks me up! Dantz D is a mess!

They both had a great morning. I picked them up and asked them their favorite part of school today. Lydia said the playground was her favorite and Dantzler said that her favorite was Mary Grace. Pure Sweetness!
They are growing up way too fast.


  1. Sweet, precious girls. Love that last picture of Dantz. Can't believe you didn't let her wear blue one on the 1st day! :)

  2. I was waiting for Blue One! to make an appearance as well! Such beautiful girls you have.

  3. so glad they had good first days! they are too cute! can't wait for molly to start her MDO, but that's not till sept!