Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach Weekend Getaway

We left after lunch on Friday and headed to the beach! Dantz wore her swimsuit down  and they were ready for some fun! We rented this condo over a year ago,  hoping we could go on our anniversary. It did not work out, so we decided to make it a family beach getaway. I'm so glad we did!

Will and girls off to the beach

Dantz having a moment

Owen surfing

Lydia and Owen making a sand castle

Lots of swimming

Cute AC!

Hello Naptime!

Uh-oh..... You can  take the boy out of MS, but can't take MS out of the boy! joking Steve
(we had a tent and they were not allowed, but Lyndell was nice about it)

Love those sandy toes

Think I'll go surfing..... oh wait, that's not me!! Thanks for the pic, Will.

Look at that big ol' jellyfish....

The water was perfect

Sweet Dreams after a long day

Seaside early Sunday morning

Good ol' fried lunch to put you back on the road again

Girls, we are not in the country!

Dantz slept all the way home

L did too!

We had a great weekend and were so glad our sweet friends, The Thompsons were  at the beach too. Lots of memories were made!


  1. I laughed out loud several times... so fun!! Looks like a wonderful weekend!! And that picture of that girl absolutely cracked me up!!!!!!!!!

  2. The water looks beautiful. Oh how I miss it! Your girls hugging on the boogie board is so sweet. Were they really squattin'? Ha!

  3. I am laughing so hard! At Lyndell, the girls going country style (or is that county style:), and most of all lavender girl!!! Now that is a pretty color swimsuit :) What a great weekend! Love that sweet pic of your girls on the surf board, too.

  4. What a FUN weekend! Those pics crack me up!

  5. HAHAHAHA! This made me seriously laugh out loud! One day I was flipping through my camera after a beach trip and my brother had taken a picture of "lavender girl" except her name was "heart girl" and she was 10x's older and 10x's larger ;) oh the memories! Looks like a great time :)