Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong...

I've always heard about the terrible twos. We flew through those without much trouble, but somewhere between the "betes" diagnosis and turning three, we're experiencing something new around here. Little Miss is giving us quite a bit of sass.

Will picked her up from "Little Lambs" today and called  to say that the teacher gave him a bad conduct report. Her teachers are precious and the thought of her giving them attitude, made me sad. (plus, I'm sure they would not have mentioned it, if it had only happened today) I know it's a reality and kids get into trouble, but not mine but I just wasn't quite ready. The hardest part for us is trying to determine if she's acting 3 or if she really isn't feeling good....

So, if you witness this first-hand, please look away, because we are all over it!
Discipline 101 (with lot of love) has officially begun.

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