Friday, January 21, 2011

Can you spot the rose on my headband?

Sweet Will took the girls to spend the night with his Mom and Dad tonight!
 He emailed me this pic. I love it!

Tonight has been wonderful, so far. I've been surfing the web in silence, while eating Skittles and popcorn. (And in my pj's since 7pm)  The TV has been off and the ringer on the phone too. I'm planning on hitting-the-hay soon and sleeping ALL night long, with no interruptions. I cannot think of anything better, except for my coffee that will start brewing at 8 am. That is going to be one fine cup of coffee! I will be ready to see those sweet angels when they return, but I'm loving this!

Thank you so much, WD for being SO thoughtful. ( Bea-Bea too for hosting the slumber party)
Sweet Dreams!  


  1. I hope you slept right through that coffee brewing! Till at least 10!:)

  2. I hope you had the greatest night ever!!! I am so happy for you! :)