Monday, January 17, 2011

Cabin Fever

We've been spending entirely too much time inside this house. Do you know what I mean?!?!  The days have been cold and long, but we are pushing through.....

 Bye-Bye, Mr. Nana!

Saturday, Will decided to take the girls on a field trip to Michael's to get some supplies. I had most of the day to piddle around.  I got home in time to see the girls in action!  I'm thinking, Dantz might be a little left-handed princess. We will have to wait and see.

Bea's brother, Kip and his precious wife, Kristine came into town on Saturday for a quick visit. We all went to dinner and had a wonderful evening together. 

Kip and the lady with straight hair and glasses  Kristine

FINALLY, some sunshine and outside fun on Sunday! Lucy, the puppy down the street joined the girls for a playdate that afternoon. Lydia loves it when Lucy comes to play. I like the "puppy down the street" arrangement. :) 

That night we went over to Bea and Papa's for another delicious dinner and more fellowship with family.  Kristine was a big hit with both girls, but especially D. Thanks K & K for coming to visit and we all look forward to next time.

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