Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of 3P and 4P, plus visit to Montana

The girls both enjoyed their end of the year festivities. I have to admit that the last day of school snuck up on me. I wasn't prepared. The girls did not seem to notice though. They loved their teachers and they both had a wonderful year. It blows me and Will away with what they have learned this year. Cannot believe our baby Dantz is heading to 4p next year and Lydia to Kindergarten. A big thanks to their precious, loving teachers!

The next three pictures are of Dantzler at her end of the year party. She is one happy girl.

This picture is of Lydia and her sweet friend, Emma King at their end of the year party. They are going to miss each other next year, when Lydia goes to her new school. 

And this picture was taken this morning. It was Lydia's last day of 4P. She said she wanted to wear that dress bc Mrs. Sanders always like it. :) Dantzler finished the day before and this unprepared mama did not get a picture of her. So, we are just pretending this picture is the last day of school for both of them. (for some crazy reason I thought their last day was Friday) :(

Now, these pictures give me some serious mixed emotions. We took Lydia to open house at Montana Magnet last week, where she will go to Kindergarten. She was a little unsure to begin with but her two buddies from preschool and daycare showed up, so that sure did help. We are so sad that she is leaving First Pres, but we are thrilled about her new opportunity at Montana.
She looks so scared :(. She was really taking in what Mrs. Clark was saying....

Yay for Summertime!!

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