Saturday, May 4, 2013

Checking in

Hard to believe it is already May. The girls are getting BIG. Dantz is almost done with 3P and Lydia with 4P. Cannot believe L will start Kindergarten next year. She got accepted into Montana Magnet and we are super thrilled and nervous about it. We love First Pres Preschool because there is no other like it, but L needs a school nurse. She hit a 26 blood sugar at school, just this week.  Dantz will stay at First Pres for 4P and child care next year. I know that Lydia will miss it, but I told her about the real library at her new school and she is sold. :)

Work is going good and the fact they are  loving child care makes it so much easier. Will and I have both been informed not to pick them up early. I guess that's a great thing, especially since they will spend their Summer there. The teachers are wonderful and they are truly on top of Lydia and her diabetes. Dantzler's teachers love on her and brag on her.

Will caught himself  talking to Lydia's teacher last week and asking her all about L and Dantzler's teacher was standing with her. He said that he stopped and immediately asked how Dantz was doing. We definitely get so caught up in Lydia and her diabetes, that we fail to check on Dantz Machine. It's a good thing she's such a trooper.
Love these two!

Dantz 4, Lydia 5

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