Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Lydia's new device is on. She was so brave, and I was sweating. Will and Dantz held her tight on the couch, while I went step-by-step, as the DVD instructed. We did it. It is working and I cannot stop looking at the numbers.

For those of you that are curious, this continuous glucose monitor will give us a blood sugar reading every five minutes. She will wear it, in addition to her insulin pump. It will alarm with a vibration and beep, if she is dropping or her blood sugar is rising.  It is totally amazing and Lydia is super excited about it too!

A big, huge thank you to Team Lydia and some pretty amazing people that covered the costs of all the t-shirts. They paid for 500 tees to be printed and all profits went to Lydia Dowling's Medical Fund.  Friends and family, near and far, bought shirts and have been wearing them this week. I love it and love you all more. Thanks to you all, we have this new snazzy device, an insulin pump, a cabinet full of medical supplies and an account to pay for future prescriptions and supplies. What an overwhelming feeling! Pure thankfulness and what a blessing it is!

Now, I am switching gears. 

On Monday, March 4th, I am returning to full-time work. I will be leaving my two, sweet girls at Preschool every morning and then they will spend the rest of the day at First Pres childcare. The timing of this monitor arriving was perfect. Will, or myself, will still have to visit the school and daycare to check her and give her insulin, but what a peace of mind knowing that the CGM will alarm her teachers, if she is needing extra attention.

We are nervous and excited about this new chapter in our lives. (The girls only concern seems to be the nap mat that they will  get to use.) 

I will be back with pics from the walk from the weekend! Go Team Lydia!



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  1. wow! what a perfect time for her to get that cgm! are you loving it? i keep saying i'll get one once it and the pump are together in one device....one day, right? ha :)