Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update on Lydia!

I've copied and pasted another letter Will sent to our church for you all to have an update too!
Spring Break 2k12!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, Kristee was able to talk to Nurse Cathy at Children's Hospital regarding tests that were done in Birmingham last Tuesday. The throat culture that would indicate the presence of bacteria normally found in CF patients was negative, testing to qualify Vitamin Absorption were normal for a 4 year old, and Lydia's liver proved to be functioning as God intended.

This past week we have added low doses of digestive enzymes to Lydia's regimen and are beginning to see positive results. There are other potential causes for the symptoms Lydia has experienced and further testing will be done. We are hopeful that blood samples taken last week will be sufficient to expand the scope of testing that we may have all the information possible on our next visit, 5/02.

We are most grateful for your prayers for Lydia. We ask that you continue to pray for healing for Lydia, clarity and wisdom for the Doctors, and for Kristee and I to take comfort and rest in God's Sovereignty in all things.

Will be back soon with lots of pics!

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