Monday, March 12, 2012

No Update

We do not have an update. Dr. Ogunbi was a very nice lady that asked us a lot of questions and immediately started ordering tests, to try find out the reason for all the trips to the restroom and the weight loss. Lydia had a lot of blood taken today and a urine sample. We have a couple more tests scheduled in Dothan, then we will report back to Montgomery in a month.
Sweet L waiting and waiting.... This girl totally rocks the department of patience
We are continuing to learn that the  pancreas is pretty darn important. It works real close with your ol' digestive system too. So, there is a lot of stuff to rule out and check.
She falls apart after being there over two hours, but it is only because it is past her lunchtime and her BS is low!

Meanwhile,  we are waiting, hoping and praying for our sweet girl.

And we are pooped. :) Night.


  1. So glad to hear y'all are home! Praying for answers and help. Love y'all!

  2. That sweet angel... I just feel for her and all that she must endure! Praying the test results roll in quickly along with the answers and resolutions. Love y'all... we are praying!!

  3. Praying for answers! So sorry her little body has to go through so much :( praying also for strength. Xoxo

  4. Sweet Lydia. Hoping for the very best outcome for your girl!

  5. Keeping that precious, Lydia, in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely Belinda

  6. Thanks bunches! Love y'all!