Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still here....

My laptop has had it, so I'm sharing with Will. It is not really working out.

I used to leave my computer on 24/7 and do a fly by to keep up with Facebook, Google Reader, Pinterest, etc. I did not really have to think about blogging or posting pics because I could just do a little, at the time, throughout the day. Oh and the emails that I forget to respond to because my email is no longer pulled up all day and I rarely log on..... Hello??? Am I back to living in 1999 or what.

I have totally been slacking. This blog was created to help me remember and capture what we do from day to day. It was also for family and friends, near and far, to see the girls and stay updated on all the happenings. And believe me, these two girls have a lot happening.

They are busy and hilarious together.  

Lydia- "Dantz, do you know what your name starts with?"
Dantz- "L"
Lydia- "No, Dantz a "D". You have got to listen and pay attention to learn this stuff"

Lydia impresses me every day with her imagination, her questions and smart, little brain.  She is our rule follower and I am thankful for that. :)

Dantz- "Mama, I need you"
Me- " Dantz, you are going to wake up Lydia, she is already asleep, please close your eyes and go to sleep too"
Dantz- "But Mama, my blood sugar is really high, I need golden raisins"

Have I mentioned that Dantz is a complete card? She cracks me up all day long with her spunk and personality. She is not a rule follower, but totally loves to snuggle. (and she has pretend diabetes) :)

I will be back sooner rather than later. I've missed y'all.



  1. And I've missed you!!!

    Come on back to 2012 whenever you are ready :)

  2. your girls are too cute! love the conversations between you all!