Wednesday, February 1, 2012

High Fives

For my sweet Lydia! Wow, we have come a long way, people. I remember talking to a 'betes mom' shortly after Lydia's diagnosis and she was telling me that her daughter would drink a juice box during her sleep and would not even know that she had been low. I hung up the phone wondering if that day would ever happen for us.

I think we have made it to that day. Our sweet Lydia has downed almost an entire juice box while sleeping three times now. Juice will bring up a low fast and for a tired mama, fast is good.
There is more..... The past two mornings at four am, I have met her in the hall, because she was coming to wake me up, to tell me that she was low. Immediately, we went to the kitchen for a blood sugar check and juice. Yep, low both times and this was after her 2 am check.

Give me five, on the side..... Way to go, Lydia Elizabeth!!