Monday, December 12, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

The weekend started off with a special treat. We got to babysit, Baby Benton, for about an hour on Friday. The girls wanted to hold him, touch him and couldn't stop talking to him for the short time that he was here.

Lydia decided she would read him a story and it was pure sweetness!

Here are some of my favorite pictures and things from the weekend. I love this time of year. Christmas lights, decorations and family time, fill my heart with joy.

Sunday afternoon we attended an eightieth birthday party for one of the most precious people in my life, Grandmama King. I have looked up to her always and still do. She is a great example of what a Christian woman should look like. She is positive, classy, funny, beautiful, smart and does not judge anyone. She has been through a lot in her eighty years. She has outlived two of her children and a grandson. She is so strong and faithful.
Aunt Eva and Grandmama King

She loves her family and they mean everything to her. She cooks, cleans and works in the yard like she is less-than half of her age. If you find her sitting still, she's either picking out pecans, doing her nails or getting her Sunday School lesson ready.

I could go on and on about her because she is truly an inspiration to me. I can only hope and pray that I'm a grandmother like her one day and an example to others, as she has been to so many.

My dad on the left, his twin brother Billy in red plaid and their sister, Eva on the far right

To say she deserves a special award for living with my Granddaddy all these years is an understatement. To all that know him, you completely understand, because he is one-of-a-kind. They are pure entertainment at it's fineness together. Not only have I  had the privilege of  a very special set of grandparents, but they were also like parents too. They lived next door to us until I was in fifth grade and I saw them every single day. Then they moved ten minutes away and my parents would literally make me come home from their house.

Years later, while going to Wallace I moved in with them. I am sure those are not some of their fondest memories, but it was a good year for me.  My parents had divorced years prior  and it felt like home and family again to me.  (I learned then that I so wanted that one day.) Thanks, Grandmama and Granddaddy!

 It was the perfect ending to an already festive weekend!

PS. lovin' my new camera! Thank you Mom and Rob for the early Christmas present!


  1. So sweet!!!
    I can tell a big difference in your pics by the way!! Enjoy!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Grandmother King!!!! You are so right about a special person in my life too! I appreciate her for so many things over the years. A wonderful person to know in a lifetime.

  3. Love Lydia reading to Baby B! So sweet. Your grandmother is quite a lady. What a treasure. And I want one of those holiday cheer drinks right now :)