Thursday, December 1, 2011

November in Pics

I've uploaded a ton of pics from various events from November. I have been slacking on my posts, mainly because we have been busy, plus my camera is pretty much shot. The good news is,  I have a new one on the way from Grandmother and Rob. Kinda a win-win Christmas present for everyone, especially if I get signed up for a photography class or two.

Enjoy all the pics!

Dantz modeling Lydia's indian costume
Will took the girls to Gaucho Farms on a field trip. All three of them had a blast and Will thinks they need some chickens for Christmas because they chased them until they couldn't anymore. Check out their website: 

This is George, the gaucho.

Check out those bangs on Dantz. She worked her magic.


Dowling, Lydia and Dantz on Thanksgiving

J Lo #1 and # 2

Cheering War Eagle and making her daddy proud. Excuse the abzzzzzzz!

Remember when Betty and Larry sang karaoke for L's Diabetes fund? Well, they are still going at it, every Tuesday night. Courtney, Barkley and I decided to join them the Tuesday before Thanksgiving for some excitement. We had a large time, to say the least.

Papa and C singing a little Johnny and June Carter Cash

Was working on my CBS lesson one evening and looked up and saw this..... They are the best of friends!

Cannot believe November has come and gone! Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday because there's no pressure and it is just fun and fellowship. I do love having a Christmas tree up though and hope December passes much slower than the previous months. Thankful for all my many blessings!

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  1. Look at that sweet sister love!

    Glad your November was filled with happy days.

    ps... I so wish I could've sang some June Carter with you guys!