Friday, October 21, 2011

Three years later and still missing you....

This week has been tough. The ride to Birmingham with lots of radio time and time to think was rough. Lack of sleep was hard. Hormones on top of it all, terrible.  I miss my brother. This week three years ago he left his life on earth. I want to remember him always.

So.... I had to post a blog about him.

My dad, his twin brother and my granddaddy have been in the trucking business since before I was born. Brandy and I both had CB handles at a very early age. I remember us playing in the trucks, or cleaning the windows in them together. We were always told not to play on the CB. We did anyway and Brandy was Bocephus and I was Special K. I can hear him right now saying, Breaker-Breaker 1-9, talk to Bocephus one time. We would laugh so hard at ourselves and hear the truckers carrying on about the young kids on the CB.  Then we had to hurry and disappear because we knew we were about to get caught.

To say he was a Hank, jr fan at an early age is an understatement. He had all the records, then later the CDs. I never cared too much for ol' Hank and I am pretty sure Brandy knew that, which made him play the music even more.

This song was played during the slideshow at his funeral. I saw Hank, jr at Bama Jam year before last and he played it. I vividly remember standing there and wanting my brother by my side more than anything.  I had about four messages or texts from friends that were there too and immediately thought of Brandy. While looking on You Tube, I chose the Alan and Hank version because, I prefer Alan. :)

This is for you, bro! Love you!


  1. You and Brandy have been on my mind this week, remembering so many fun times and praying that you were ok. Love you and always here for you!

  2. Thinking of you Kristee.....I know this is a hard week for you. Praying for peace and strength. Xoxo katie

  3. P.s. and I am glad you posted on him. What fun memories! Made me think back of ones with my brothers. So glad you were so close and could have so much fun together.