Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pictures for Days

This girl is awesome! Last night around 9pm she came stomping out of her room and told me she was low. Guess what? I checked her and she most certainly was low. I wanted to jump up and down with joy! We are making some huge betes progress with this girl.
Super Proud of you, L!
A couple of Friday nights ago, we headed to Hunt's to celebrate Papa's BIG retirement. As always, it is so much fun when we gather to eat, talk and laugh together.

And it was definitely a bonus that Barkley just so happened to be in town on Papa's last work day. The Reds always have a large time together. I will say that I completely lucked up in the sister-in-law department.

A special packaged arrived last week that was full of children's books. The girls absolutely love Tim and Sally and often pretend to be Tim and Sally. (of course, Dantzler is always tagged as Tim)
They immediately started flipping through and checking out their new books. Let's just say they sat in my lap for quite sometime that afternoon listening to me read to them.  The McFatters follow our blog and what thoughtful and sweet people they are to send such  wonderful keepsakes.

And each and every book is signed by the author (which so happens to be Mrs. McFatter's brother). Thanks SO much! 

A real princess came to visit us last week. Sweet Sue Ellen is Little Miss Wicksburg and has the Little Miss Peanut Pageant coming up on  Saturday. Family came over for dinner and dessert to wish her lots of luck. She is beautiful on the inside and out and is already a winner to us!
"Caddy" helping SE with her banner/sash. (is that what it is called? I never sported one, just miss congeniality too many times to count- which means sweet, but ugly, JK!)

Lots of helpers to assist with all the treasures she received....

This is "Honey Bear" and he spent the weekend with us. He belongs to Lydia's Preschool class and the kids get assigned weekends with him. We had to keep a diary of the weekend and send pictures back to school of the two of them together.  She loved on this bear for three days. (don't think I didn't throw him in the washing machine, just for safe measure)

She wasn't  too thrilled that Dantzler was digging "Honey Bear" too. He survived a few tug-of-wars and I'm happy to report that I didn't have to pull out the needle and thread.
Honey Bear in a tutu

Honey, Lawson and Tucker came back for another visit last weekend! Law just turned 15 and we had a small birthday celebration after their big dove shoot.

What a great weekend to kick off Fall Break. The rain has been coming down all week, so finally we saw some blue skies today. We headed to  Landmark Park to meet some friends for play time and a picnic. 
We might have to let her hair grow, a little too much tude with the new 'do

I should have split this up into three different blogs, sorry.  I've been too busy "pinning" to blog, but I am working on my Pinterest addiction.  Love y'all!


  1. 1) So proud of Lydia and her big girl self-monitoring!

    2) Glad Honeybear got a run through the wash

    3) We need some Tim and Sally books

    4) Sue Ellen is beautiful! And from one county queen to's a banner. Or it was in '92 :)

  2. Good job, Lydia!

    Also, I couldn't help but notice L standing on those toes in the pic of the girls helping Sue Ellen. You might have a ballerina on her hands, girl!

    I also spied Blue One! ha!

    Love your new books. How sweet and thoughtful.

    ps... I was kinda hoping I might bump into you in Dothan this past week. I was in town surprising my mama. You'd have probably heard me squealing in excitement before you even saw me! ;)