Monday, December 20, 2010

What not to say

This made me laugh. I showed it to Will tonight and he laughed too.
The lady has just a little bit of sarcasm, which I love. :)
I wish one more comment would've made the video. My all time favorite.
Aren't you so glad it's diabetes and not a food allergy?


  1. Too funny! Oh, how little people know about the betes!I need to call for an update on L to see how she adjusted to the insulin. So proud to hear Tiny D is rocking the potty. That is HUGE!!!! Talk to you soon.

  2. Oh my goodness. I really hope I haven't said any of that stuff to you and if I have, or have said something stupid, I apologize. When we went through our miscarriage and then a tubal pregnancy, people said the DUMBEST things! Someone in my husband's family even sent us (and kindly made copies for everyone in the fam) an article on how caffeine might be linked to miscarriage, and this person also kindly suggested that might be what happened to us and perhaps I should cut my caffeine intake. Someone else said, regarding the tubal, that "it wasn't really a baby, anyway." Oh, it hurt. It hurt so much. Sometimes people (myself included) just say STUPID things. I hope I haven't done that to you.

  3. She is a hoot!! I am sorry too if I have ever said anything stupid. The part about pouring sugar down her throat for fun cracked me up!

  4. MY CHEEKS HURT!!!!! I am cracking up! Gotta go so I can watch it again :)