Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've giggled all morning at the fact that Lydia had a meltdown bc she didn't want to ride in daddy's truck, she wanted to go to school in the "red truck". You see the "red truck" is a loaner that we're using from Dad, while I try to sell my Honda. It's a nice truck, but I'm really not the truck type. I feel like my name needs to be Terry or something, while I'm sportin' it.. I'm not embarrassed, but it's just not me. Will tells me that a vehicle doesn't make ya cute, but I beg to differ. The red truck kinda clashes with this red hair and I never liked being called "Red". Dad, I know you understand-even though I do appreciate it. :) Josh too!

Anyway, Who wants to buy a 2007 Honda Accord?
Black w/ tan leather and only 34,000 miles.
I'll even put a big "Red" bow on top for ya?!?

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  1. Lydia knows how to ride in style...Love love love the picture at the top!!