Sunday, November 7, 2010

Parade 2010

The Parade went a little something like this...

Took a cold stroll there...

Lots of explaining.. This is the parade and those are firetrucks and police cars.
Yes, those sirens are really loud.

some socializing.... lots of holding.

more holding and explaining...

whoop, tiny d stepped it up a notch and decided to watch front row...

not so much here, still holding...

Alright, let's go. Y'all are too heavy and those sirens are too loud.
Dear Parade,
We tried.
The Dowlings


  1. You make me laugh!!!

    Glad y'all made it.

  2. Love the pics...especially Tiny D on the front row!

  3. They are so....... sweet! Dantz is changing and sweet Lydia is precious! Both of them are very special to alot of people.