Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bye-Bye Weekend.

This picture sums up our weekend, low-key!

(beware grandmother, dantz is really into the American Girl catalog)

I know several of you are wanting an update on Lydia. She is doing well and taking shots like a champ! She really is amazing. We are still on the insulin roller coaster, but all in all, it's going good. We are tired, but it'll get better. We head to Birmingham for her appointment on Thursday and I'm anxious to hear how they think she is doing, because we think she is doing great.

(Thanks Weezer, she loves her bunny get-up and tinkerbell wings)

I shared in my post on Friday that I am missing my brother tremendously. I got so many emails, texts and calls about it and I appreciate all of your love and concern. It means so much! This silly blog isn't to get sympathy, but to share our life, so that one day it can be a scrapbook for my sweet girls.

( Uncle Brandy holding Lydia the day she was born 10-22-07)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

We intend to.....


  1. Dantz and Sister need to hang out! We're into some American Girl, too! :)

  2. AC's doll got her ears pierced at the American Girl store on our way to NC! Love the bunny get-up and praying for a good report Thursday! :)

  3. I love "Great Aunt Weezer's" photo with Lydia. That is awesome! Can't wait to hear how Thursday goes. Praying for you all.