Monday, July 14, 2014

Embrace the Gauntlet 2014

I swore last year that I would not, but we did it again. Last year, I ended up in fetal position afterwards, so I feel like it was a success that I didn't this year. We were so proud of ourselves. We were not the best, but we did our very best!
Rope climbs... say what?!

Sissy came out and cheered us on !!!

This may not look like a big deal, but THIS was a big deal. We never ever thought we would have enough time for me to get to my portion of the workout. We even did best case scenerio and still would need two additional minutes added to the 20 minute time cap. Well, we all finished! Highlight of the day, by far!! "Almost" makes me want to sign up and do it again. :)

This is Shay knocking out her portion and then I'm up next and last. Wow, it was the craziest feeling!

Favorite Team Ever!!!

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