Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fishin' and Pickin'

It was a pretty long week, especially since Dantz was sick most of it.  She didn't feel good on her birthday and continued to go downhill. She was negative for strep, but that pumpkin had one heck of a sore throat and fever.

By Friday, she was much better. Will picked them up that afternoon to head to the strawberry patch. When they arrived, they were told it was closed from the rain and mud. As you can see below, Dantz was not happy. This seems to be her reaction to a lot lately and we are really working on her and her meltdowns. Whew, it's a good thing she's cute.

Saturday was family day and we loaded up for a fishin' trip. Fishing lasted about ten minutes. Lydia kept easing into the pond, until she finally just belly flopped in.  It was freezing and muddy. She did not care and was having the best time.

After naps on Saturday, we loaded up for the strawberry patch. It has become a tradition and the girls love it. (and the strawberries are yummy too!)

Strawberry Pickin' Success!

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