Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week #1

4am Monday is when it all began. Will woke me up because he heard Lydia's Continuous Glucose Monitor buzzing. I jumped up in a panic. (I always operate in 911 mode, or that is what he says) Will got his head lamp on and we went into her room to put on a new sensor. It takes two hours after it is on, to start working. My thinking, it HAD to be on for her first day at childcare and my first day at work. It was early, dark in her room and I was nervous.  I got it on her, but still unsure if I did it right. (remember I had only done it one other time and did it while watching the DVD)

It was a pretty, stressful start, but by 7:30, everything was good for a Monday morning.

Girls with nap mats ready for Preschool and Daycare!

Her CGM was not accurate this week though. It was tough and made teachers nervous with the false alarms and inaccurate readings. We continued to leave it on, because some of the readings were right on, so we kept hoping that it would kick in. It never did, so Friday afternoon, I took it off. She didn't wear it Friday night or all day today.  Tonight before bed, I put on a new sensor. (which still makes me sweat and shake) I just keyed in her two blood sugars after the two hour start up. We shall wait and see. Praying I did it wrong last time and right this time.

Other than diabetes worrying the stew out of us, the week was a good one. They are enjoying daycare and their teachers are so sweet. And Will has really been super dad, making it all happen with the blood sugar checks and picking them up in the afternoons.  I think we all did pretty alright for week one.

Bring on, week #2.

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  1. Yay for a great first week. Hoping this one is even better! :)