Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Register for Team Lydia

Hey Friends and Family!

The walk is Sunday, March 3 at 3pm, Westgate Park. It will be here really soon.  We would love for you to join us during the walk (3 mile stroll) or waiting  for Team Lydia when we cross the finish line. Please click here: Dothan Walk for a Cure  to register online. There is no registration fee, any amount given is a donation to JDRF. (and they are working HARD for a cure!  All donations are tax deductible too.) Our goal is $5000.00 and I know we can do it !

We are selling Team Lydia tees too! All shirt funds are payable to: Lydia Dowling. This money will go back in to her medical fund for monthly supplies, equipment, medical expenses and the list goes on for her diabetes care. We love you all and appreciate you SO much. 

Youth Sizes- $12.00
Adult Sizes $15.00 
email all orders to knking29@aol.com 


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