Wednesday, December 5, 2012

He's Back!

Nocchio has diabetes, who knew?

 Lydia loved it, but she wanted that shot out of his arm immediately.

Dantz is not really buying the whole elf reports to Santa business. She told me that he wasn't real because his eyes do not blink. Then, a couple of mornings later she said, I know Daddy moves him somewhere, every night. She's a stinker. And for the record, Daddy has yet to move him. :)

He's a cute, little fella though. The eyes kinda creep me out, a little bit. (especially when it's 11pm and I realize that I haven't moved him, and everyone is snoozing, but me and mr creepy eyes)

It is fun for them and so cute to watch them look for him in the mornings.

Gotta go move him....

Merry Christmas! Be back soon.

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