Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long Weekend!

Another week of school has come and gone and the girls are loving it! They are  learning so much and meeting new friends. They chat back and forth to each other about their day and I learn so much,  just listening to them. Now, I completely get how Mom used to know all of my business. She just listened. :)

I haven't gotten any notes from Dantzler's teacher, but to hear her tell Lydia, she is having some table issues. Not completely sure what that means and there is absolutely no telling. Lydia tells Dantz that she would get a yellow ticket in Mrs. Sander's class, if she did not follow rules. They are funny.

The week has not been easy, though. A cold/sinus business hit me  last Friday night and it put me down for most of the weekend. I actually ended up going to the doctor on Wednesday, because I was OVER it. Seriously wish I had gone last Saturday. So, with that being said, the girls ended up sick too.

Sickness and Diabetes are not fun together, makes you kinda thankful to just deal with 'betes alone. Lydia's blood sugars were ALL over the place. Again, what a blessing to work at the church and be able to just walk over to check on her. She had more shots this past week, then she has had in a long time and it made me appreciate the pump, even more.

 I cannot even explain the feelings I get inside when my baby is HIGH. I know it is so bad for her and I know she feels bad; therefore, I feel helpless. I had the hardest time bringing it down because of her cold. Part of me worrying because she is high and then the rest of me worrying that I had given her too much insulin. It is a frustrating battle.

The girls think it is so cool that I am working at the church and taking care of the babies. They ask me every morning, if they can help."Mama, are we going to sit on the curb for you to get us, or are we going to eat lunch at church today?"

They think it is totally awesome to take a lunch box to school, three days a week. They are eating lunch at the church, on the days that I work and let me tell you what, that just might be my favorite part. It is three less meals a week that I have to beg for Lydia to take one more bite, or argue with Dantz that she has to eat something. I send their lunch, check and give Lydia her insulin and let them do their thing.  It is a win-win.

So, hello loooong weekend. We've been waiting for you!

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  1. Man, y'all have had quite the week! Glad you are all feeling better. Hope you have a very happy & healthy long weekend!