Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer is over!

The girls officially start preschool tomorrow. I'm really in shock that my baby Dantz is already old enough.

Today, they went to check out their new classrooms and to meet their teachers. Dantzler has Lydia's teachers from last year, so she walked right in, like a big girl. Lydia went into her class and was thrilled to see old friends from last year and meet her sweet teachers.

My big camera was ready for real pictures, but the card got left in my laptop. I got this quick, no expression picture, from Lydia off of my phone. They wouldn't pose this am and they were looking cute.

Oh well, I will try again tomorrow.

They spent the morning at Little Lambs while I was working there. I'm going to work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, in the 1 year old room, rocking about 12 babies. :) I will get lots of baby love, plus Lydia will be a few steps away, three days a week.

That puts this mama at ease!

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  1. So precious. I can't wait to see pictures tomorrow! And how fun to get in all that baby love. :)