Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Grandmother and her girls eating lunch on Sunday
After Omnifit and gymnastics on Monday, we took Grandmother down to the beach to meet back up with Rob and to spend some time with them there. We didn't even get on the beach this trip because the weather wasn't too great on Tuesday, so we worked in playground time, haircuts, Captain Anderson's and then back on the road again....

Making two wishes: 1st wish- That we will all be mermaids. 2nd wish- That we will be human again.

D slept from Guard Shack at Baypoint to Oak Drive. :)

Will left Friday night and has been in South Florida fishing with some of his friends. We just got word that he is coming home tonight; Hopefully, with some fresh fish too! We are ready to see him!

Our little "Dantz Machine" is turning THREE this Friday, will be back soon with pictures from her special day.

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  1. I see you are sporting shorts. Were you pleased with the outcome of your shark attack surgery?! :)

    Happy April, friend.